We are experts at White Label Services for Risk Consulting

Customized Risk Services are listed in the segments below

Health and Safety Services

We offer a spectrum of training services, from content development, to creating and implementing effective, and efficient programs that have an impact on protecting the health, and safety of employees.

Property Assets Protection Services

Property loss control services help minimize losses by identifying, evaluating, and providing risk control measures.

Fleet Transportation Safety Services

We help companies of all types, and sizes safely operate commercial motor vehicles, as well as shippers, and carriers of hazardous materials.

Marine Risk Engineering Services

Our experienced Marine team can assist in mitigating risks from shipping high value containers internationally, to managing warehouses, and delivery networks.

Premise Operations and Product Liability Services

We can be your one source, for all your premises, and product liability needs. RISK MANAGEMENT AMERICA provides specialized services in the prevention of Slips, Trips and Falls.

Federal and State Mandated Services

The US has different requirements for risk control services. Find out how Risk Management America can help you be compliant in TX, AK, OK, PA, CA and NY.

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Latest News

General Liability in the Digital Age: 5 Technologies That Are Creating New Business Risk

From drones and 3-D printing to artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, disruptive advancements in technology are everywhere – and they’re rapidly changing traditional business models across industries. While these trends may help improve efficiency, safety, and service, their increasing adoption also introduces new liability risks for the businesses that choose to incorporate them. Read on…

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Catastrophe Weather Planning

Catastrophe planning: Preparing for the unexpected

Business owners have faced a myriad of challenges in recent years in planning for catastrophes, natural disasters and extreme weather events, and the spotlight has been thrust on the importance of remediation, repair and recovery during the aftermath of such calamities. The value of qualified claims professionals with technical talents and loss adjusting skills became particularly…

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OSHA Cranes

OSHA announces long-awaited updates to crane operator certifcation requirements

Washington — OSHA is set to publish the long-awaited updates to its crane operator certification requirements in the Nov. 9 Federal Register. As anticipated, the agency will require certification by type of crane, but will accept certification by crane type and its lifting capacity. This will ensure “more accredited testing organizations are eligible to meet OSHA’s certification program requirements,” a Nov. 7 press release…

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